Carbon Nanomaterials in Printed Electronics Technology

The book was created from the need to present in a simple and understandable way the use of nanomaterials in electronics and the compilation of scattered results of the achievements of scientific teams from around the world. The necessity of this study is due to the lack of such extensive literature analysis in the Polish literature, concerning the use of carbon nanomaterials in printed electronics. Even in foreign literature, we can only find very detailed studies on specific applications such as biomedical, optoelectronic or sensor applications. In addition, a reader interested in a broader perspective on the work in the field of carbon nanotubes in printed electronics will find many references to already published papers in the domestic and international literature. The book also describes the author’s accomplishments related to the development of printed resistive layers, transparent electrodes, electroluminescent structures, photovoltaic cells, physical and chemical sensors, layers and paths for high-frequency electronics and heaters. Detailed research into electronic materials and structures is described, including a series of studies on the electromechanical properties of layers with carbon nanomaterials, the relationship between the application process parameters and the resistivity of the resulting composite layers, and the characteristics of the electrical conductivity mechanisms observed in composite layers with carbon nanomaterials.

Publishing House of the Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, 2017, ISBN 978-83-7814-611-7.

Full version of the book is available in the book-stores and on the IBUK Libra publishing platform.